Preventative Maintenance

Don’t wait for a unit to break down and cause a major interruption in the functionality of your commercial kitchen. Sign up for our preventative maintenance service to keep all your appliances running smoothly.

During a preventative maintenance service call, our technicians will do the following depending on your needs:

Burner adjustments
Valve lubrication
Thermostat calibration
Air mixer adjustments
Pilot cleaning / adjustments
Burner cleaning / adjustments
Flue / draft assessments
Safety inspection
On-demand repair labor
Priority service

Not only will preventative maintenance keep things running, it also allows us to catch a problem before it becomes a problem. Thus, you gain these benefits:

No labor on covered repairs
Reduced unforeseen bills
Minimized down times
Preferred response times
Prolonged equipment life
Consistent temperature levels
Fewer emergencies
Peace of mind with regular safety checks
Enhanced energy efficiencies